Young beginners: Learn to ride

Remove those stabilisers and watch your child develop into a safe confident cyclist, using the correct technique from the start.

Most children will be able to balance unaided within an hour. It takes a little longer to learn starting and turning. Parents and children are always pleased to hear that accidents are rare!

The lessons take place on a school playground at weekends and holidays. Teaching is one-to-one, geared to your child’s learning ability, with absolutely no pressure from the instructor.

Email Jonathan:

“I was most impressed by the constant encouragement and praise given to both my children, particularly to my son, who was very nervous. The lessons were logical and well structured with lots of questions to reinforce their learning.”
Lorraine M, Reigate

“Daniel feels so proud and you have helped him more in an hour than we have managed to in five years!“
Sarah, Dorking

Let a qualified cycle trainer teach your child to ride -

safely and quickly!