Basic Bike check

Here are the main basic checks we will make on you bike at the begining of the first lesson.

Although we can make minor adjustments we recomend you use a qualified mechanic at a bike shop for more complicated adjustments

1. Tyres
Tyres should be pumped up hard. They must have adequate tread and no splits or bulges.

2. Saddle
We can help you adjust the saddle to the correct height. A rough guide is to be on tip toes when you’re sitting on the saddle.
3. Brakes
Your Brakes must work effectively. The rubber blocks shouldn't be worn and must hit the rims squre on.
4. Levers
Make sure your fingers can reach the brake levers. We can help you ajust the brake levers.
5. Wheels
Lift the bike and spin the wheels to check the wheels are true and not wonky.
6. Handlebars
The handlebars should turn smoothly and be in line with the front wheel and not be loose.
7. Gears
The gears should change easily into all gears. The chain should be lightly oiled.
8. Pedals
The pedals should spin freely. Check the cranks (the arms holding the pedals) don’t wobble from side to side.