Confidence riding on road

Do you own a bike but are too scared to venture on to the road?
Confused with modern bike technology?
Want to brush up on your skills?

Cycle training could be for you.

Adults returning to cycling after many years can find it daunting - road conditions and cycle technology have changed!

An experienced cycle trainer can help you learn techniques to make you a confident and assertive cyclist.

After an initial assessment to discuss your aims, the training will guide you step-by-step, starting with the basics, progressing onto the road, all at your own speed and ability. No pressure and no test!

Courses follow the National Standards and typically comprise an hour Level 1 instruction followed by three hours at Level 2, practising road riding.

You will need your own bike which must be the correct size and in working order.

Email Jonathan:

"Jonathan was a very patient and diligent instructor who not only taught me the correct way to cycle but also managed to give me an enormous amount of confidence. My final class was cycling around Redhill with roundabouts en route – it was exhilarating! Now I cycle to the station to go to work and shopping in East Grinstead. I would definitely recommend CycleSkills for the absolute beginner like me."
Donna M, Crawley Down

Learn techniques to become a more confident cyclist -

and rediscover cycling!