Family Cycling

A popular course for adults and children. Learn how to ride with your family – on holiday, weekend leisure rides or escort your children to school.

Following the training, young riders will enjoy the freedom of riding on the road with security and guidance from their parents.

A typical course comprises one to two hours in a playground, learning basic Level 1 skills This is followed by lessons on quiet roads under safe supervision, to learn Level 2 techniques such as negotiating junctions and interaction with other road users.

The training suits parents and children with reasonable cycling ability. Lessons are normally held for one ‘family’ at a time, eg one adult with one child or two adults with two or three children.

Email Jonathan:

“ We have gained a huge amount of confidence following our training. Now I cycle with my son on journeys I never thought possible in Reigate. And I feel a lot healthier for it too! Thanks ”
J Pearce, Reigate

Learn the best techniques to ride together

and make the most of your family's bikes!